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Why We Are Here

At Export Tribe, we are passionate about empowering businesses to explore new horizons and thrive in the global market.

With years of expertise in international trade and strategic media positioning, we are your trusted partner on the journey to global success! 

We are raising a community of exporters globally who’d carry out export business with profound knowledge, and international best practices.

What We Offer

Export Operations and Management

At Export Tribe, we are poised to help you navigate the seeming complex terren of export operations helping you to achieve smooth export transactions ranging from commodities sourcing, to logistics and documentation.

Export Tribe Media

We view the world of Export through the lense of the camera. Export Tribe TV  is focused on critically examining the Export world, highlighting challenges, proferring solutions, educating and enlightening the public on export breakthroughs, export potential and export best practices.

Export Tribe Farms

Our livestock and crop farms are intentionally done to meet internatioanlly accepted standard. While we farm for export, we also have our large share of local market size that benefits from our quality produce.

Export Tribe Consult & Academy

At Export Tribe, we are sure to take you through a learning proccess that will not only give you the needed information, but will also give you the right foundation to begin a blissfull journey into the world of Non-oil Export. 


Do you think you are ready for export? The Nigeria Export Promotion Council’s Readiness Checker will ultimately guide you through all basic requirements you need to get started with your export business.

Export Products




Before You Export

The Nigeria Customs Services publishes a list of export prohibited commodities. Before you begin your export transaction, always ensure to check the updated export prohibition list to avoid sizures of your commodities by authorities and consequently loss of funds.


Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome To Our Blog

Hi, I'm so excited to welcome you to the Export Tribe Blog, a news and information channel for Export Tribe where we talk everything export. The Export Tribe is here to simplify the export business for via educating, informing and entertaining you with great contents...

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